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    Inspiration Marketing

    We have two tasks.

    The first and arguably, most important is to build a bridge.

    To build a bridge between us and our students. 

    Now I’m using the word students carefully In this context, but let me explain why.

    Yes, of course we are business owners. That goes without saying. Despite the fact that I’ve just said it. Of course we need to sell our products and services.

    But more than just business owners – we are educators. 

    We are seeking to gain enrolment from our students. 

    They enrol. We sell. Simple.

    Do people have to enrol with HNW? No.

    Should they enrol?

    Maybe. And there are plenty of logical arguments that we can make to help that happen. And we do. 

    But what if we inspired them to enrol?

    Might that work too?

    Without a doubt.

    The main reason any of us do anything above and beyond the contractual obligations and life admin bollox is that we’re inspired.

    Inspiration – a feeling of enthusiasm you get from someone or something, which gives you new and creative ideas.

    Hold that thought.

    At the back of my house is a junior school.

    And sometimes you can hear the kids out playing. 

    Crazy kids running around and screaming and shouting. 

    Free and uninhibited. Just being crazy kids. 

    And I was out in the yard, this morning and this kid was singing. 

    “I’m the king of the castle…” 

    She was loving it, having a great time. Except she wasn’t singing it the right way around, she was singing:

    “I’m a dirty rascal. You’re the king of the castle.”

    Not that that’s important – just made me laugh.

    She was loving it.


    And it got me thinking about when I was young and that as you go through school you come across all sorts of different teachers. Some good, some shocking, some inspirational. 

    Question: Who were the teachers whose lessons you got most out of? 

    Whose classes did you really care about?

    And what subjects did you love and excel in?

    Who do you still remember with fondness today?

    Of course, it was the teachers that inspired you.

    They made us feel differently about ourselves. About our potential.

    They helped us believe in our talents.

    Made us see possibilities. 

    No surprise there.

    We all know the power of inspiration. We’ve read the books. Worn the t-shirts. Watched the TED Talks. We live slap bang in the middle of an inspiration industry.

    And so do our students.

    They know inspiration is the most transformational and motivating force that exists.

    That it makes the possible possible.

    That it creates the Jobs and Thunbergs and Obamas of this world.

    As part of our bridge-building, our job is to free that knowledge, in and for our students. 

    To reawaken that optimism.

    To reignite that spark.

    Because despite years of advice and rules and social pressures and convention and conformity.

    Despite often losing sight of our (“I’m a dirty rascal”) real selves and despite becoming fearful of ridicule or ‘doing the wrong thing’… the freedom inspired by inspiration, that innate desire for something bigger and better – for wonder – is still very close to the surface. 

    But you need to see it to feel it.

    When our students see it in our work – they feel it. 

    An inspiration bomb goes off in their heads and it’s amazing.

    They don’t have to feel it.

    They don’t feel it because they should.

    They’re inspired to feel inspiration.

    The possibility, the potential, the new exciting and purposeful ways they can grow their businesses.

    So how do we build that bridge – the bridge between us and our students?

    The first thing to do is to respect our faith in inspiration. 

    In inspiration-level messaging.

    That it’s not just a gimmick, or a label, or a fad – it’s a fundamental belief in how to communicate effectively with clarity, integrity and strength, and ultimately maximum effect. A philosophy that will evolve over time as we work through it and colour it in. 

    And it’s a position and language that we can own – zero exact match Google returns for “inspiration-level marketing”, “inspiration-level messaging”.

    Like our faith in collaboration. We live it.

    It’s not always easy but we believe in it and we act on it.

    And we show it too. In the way we speak and the way we write.

    Three recent examples of telling AND showing that have really made me think long and hard, tying together lots of loose strands. 

    Trolex, SDMG and ICA – each acting as a little testing ground.

    Rather than us taking a brief at face value and telling them what they have to do, or what they should do and them giving them a price, we gave them a piece of inspiration. 

    Inspiration that triggered their own barely concealed belief in the power of inspiration.

    In the case of SDMG it was an inspirational conversation first followed by the work.

    Work that made them feel differently about themselves and their businesses. Feel positivity, feel transformed and importantly… feel transformative.

    Because this is the second task.

    A second bridge.

    The bridge we need to build between our students and theirs.

    The bridge that sees our students become the educators. 

    A bridge that makes our clients’ clients feel differently, feel positivity, feel transformed – to believe in new possibilities and a better future.

    The foundations of this second bridge we laid when we inspired our students to enrol with us.

    Don’t get me wrong – it’s not the only type of work we do.

    We do an amount of work that has a logic-level ‘should’ based element. 

    And I think that’s a very important part of any offering/fulfilment – the grunt.

    What I’d like to do here is look at leading with inspiration-level messaging that will sell itself and also inspire logic-level ‘should’ work.

    It’s a unique term, it’s landed beautifully over recent conversations, as it’s become crystalised as a concept. 

    I can’t help but feel there’s much higher value, more interesting work if we can align our offering with students’ deep desire to connect with their students on an inspirational-level.

    “If your actions inspire others to dream more, do more and become more, then you are a leader.” John Quincy Adams.

    Let’s lead with inspiration.

    And yes.

    I AM a dirty rascal.

    I’m also a partner at Hampson Nattan Williams.

    For Inspirational Message-First Marketing

    How we help our clients

    Quick to understand the brief and inspired in its delivery, I would be more than happy to recommend Martin and Ukcopywriting to any company looking to share their value effectively and imaginatively. Creative sales and marketing copywriting at its best.

    Paul Crudge

    With propositions, from consultancy to manufacturing, our business is not an easy one to articulate in an authentic, engaging and consistent way. But Martin did it. He also helped us become more confident in us tackling some of our other copy ourselves.

    We are now in the process of reconstructing out website and corporate literature incorporating Martin’s copy. This will all be launched at a major international trade fair in September – without Martin, the finished materials would have been measurably inferior.

    Dave Tilmouth

    “Great thinking, great writing. Extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended.”

    James Armstrong - Waitrose

    As a content marketer and owner of a web marketing agency for clients such as Oracle, Tom Tom, Barclays and Forbes, I have come across many so-called copywriting ‘experts’ that either fail to deliver or speak a lot of ‘fluff’. Martin and Neil are anything but and offer valuable insights for real businesses. They are knowledgeable about copywriting from every angle – how it needs to be delivered per industry, per client and most importantly per customer you wish to engage. I highly recommend their courses and endorse wholeheartedly what they have to offer your business.

    Neil Henry, Owner, Content Confidence

    Me, Martin"I develop strategies, build brands and create successful campaigns. Creative conversion writing, from brochures to straplines to email marketing campaigns, SEO copywriting and sales letters. Words that win business."
    Martin J Williams, UK Copywriting

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