Unity: B2B Writing Packages

Unity B2B Business Writing:
Don’t outspend your competition – out think it.

The likes of BMG, Waitrose, Didia, Deutsche Telecom, Unipart Rail, ServiceMaster, SaaSAge, Kaleida, PR Agency One, 64TEQ, Seabrook Associates,  and a host of Manchester technology companies have all used UKC to share their value vividly, persuasively and profitably.

SUPER COMMUNICATORS one and all, each understands that success relies on their ability to share their value, to inform, educate, persuade and to sell… superbly.


While you’re busy… being busy, doing what you do best we’ll handle the communication. Your web copy. Your email marketing too – the lead generation stuff, the drip campaigns and automated workflows that build better, more profitable relationships.

We’ll craft your landing pages. Create your forms. Research and publish your White Papers and Ebooks, your blogs. We’ll interview clients and curate your case studies. We’ll compile glittering Award Submissions too. Even write your R&D claims.

All the writing you need. All in one place.
Integrated. Automated. Aligned.


High performance Unity business writing packages and marketing automation – for businesses that understand the power of using the best writing they can get their hands on:

  • Generate more leads
  • Get higher response rates
  • Win more sales
  • Build your business faster

Because we specialise in technology, because we’re relational specialists and because every campaign is focused on purposeful, profitable relational business building – we can help you be a SUPER COMMUNICATOR too.

Unity from UKC – 24/7 business writing at a fraction of the cost to employ in-house. Your personal business writing experts.

Unity Packages From ONLY £199

  • Hot
  • from £199
  • 6 marketing credits*
  • Online project management
  • Regular check ins
  • Hotter
  • from £399
  • 8 marketing credits*
  • Online project management
  • Regular check ins
  • Schorchio!
  • All of other packages plus:
  • Custom number of marketing credits
  • Website management
  • Social media

Standard items (1 credit):

  • Content for 1 email
  • Content chat for blog post (15 minute call)
  • Content for summary of live event
  • Content for webinar registration page
  • Preparation of brief for content or design item
  • Event summary for website or registration page
  • Simple Form creation

Primary items (2 credits):

  • Content for 1 short blog post (up to 500 words)
  • Content for direct mail letter
  • Content for website landing page
  • Design + copy 1 for landing page
  • Content for leaflet or postcard
  • Design of leaflet /postcard/etc
  • Design & layout of email template
  • Design social media banner
  • Case study (interview and copy)
  • R&D claim
  • Form creation (including custom fields)
  • Website page

Premium items (4 credits):

  • Award Submission
  • Research & content for 1 long blog post (800-1200 words) – 3 credits
  • Content & layout for homepage
  • Design of new home page
  • Content and design for new website landing page
  • Design slider or banner for website landing page
  • Content & design for leaflet/postcard
  • Research for an infographic and write copy
  • Design of infographic
  • Content for presentation (Keynote or Powerpoint)
  • Design custom Keynote or Powerpoint template for presentations
  • Interview with a client & content for case study (blog or website page)
  • Content/script for short video/animation
  • Content for short ebook (<8 pages)
  • Design of ebook (<8 pages)
  • Set up call tracking

Supreme items (8 credits):

  • Managed Kampaign Marketing Automation Platform – unlimited training
  • New design, content, and layout for home page
  • Email drip campaign: 6 emails + automation
  • Infographic (including research, content, & design)
  • White Paper – research and writing
  • White Paper – design
  • Content for long ebook (10-20 pages)
  • Design of ebook (10-20 pages)