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Copywriting For The Uninitiated

There are many forms of initiation – heads down toilets, a blood oath, full body submersion, sacrifices, beatings. Kissing the royal belly. Down in one!! You Zulu Warrior! Mouths full of stones. I thought I’d make this one a little easier. My name’s Martin Williams – I’m a copywriter – my company is Ukcopywriting.com You […]

Report Writing – The Fundamentals of Successful Report Writing

Report writing At UK Copywriting it’s not just about SEO Copywriting and Sales Copywriting. I’ve just completed some detailed report writing for the wonderful Jonas Vebner who runs the London office for Music Export Norway. Love it. Meetings, telephone interviews, focus groups, surveys, research and plenty of long, hard thinking. Extracting the sentiments, the evidence, […]

Sales Copywriting Rules

At UK Copywriting we’ve been doing a lot of sales copywriting recently. Good old fashioned direct response kinds of sales copywriting. Immediate, high impact copywriting that inspires quick clicks and actions. Profitable copywriting. It doesn’t hang about. Or waste your time. The sort of sales and marketing copywriting you see in Drayton Bird’s How To […]

Copywriting Rules

The only copywriting rule here is that there aren’t any copywriting rules. Nonsense. Rules give us context, they are glue, the common ground, the ways and the means that values… have value. They offer relationship and relativity. An axis, a framework. Whether we know them in detail or only share a vague familiarity, they join […]