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Sex – Get More Of It

Loving the AlphaNail site. Beautifully direct. Contextually beautiful. ‘Designed For Men. Worn By Warriors’. ‘Sex – Get More of It’. The strength of the headers matched by the no-nonsense alphamale tone of the (buff… sorry) body copy. Cocky, cool and ultra male. Whether it’s your thing or not there’s little arguing with the sales thinking […]

Copywriting For The Uninitiated

There are many forms of initiation – heads down toilets, a blood oath, full body submersion, sacrifices, beatings. Kissing the royal belly. Down in one!! You Zulu Warrior! Mouths full of stones. I thought I’d make this one a little easier. My name’s Martin Williams – I’m a copywriter – my company is Ukcopywriting.com You […]

Marketing Copywriting Doesn’t Have To Be Rubbish

Quality marketing copywriting wins business. How come so much marketing copy and online sales copywriting is rubbish? Here’s a copywriting exception that proves the rule – Saddleback Leather I’ve long been a fan of Saddleback Leather – (sorry Ryan I know I go on about it). So much so that I was even inspired to […]

Sales Copywriting Rules

At UK Copywriting we’ve been doing a lot of sales copywriting recently. Good old fashioned direct response kinds of sales copywriting. Immediate, high impact copywriting that inspires quick clicks and actions. Profitable copywriting. It doesn’t hang about. Or waste your time. The sort of sales and marketing copywriting you see in Drayton Bird’s How To […]

Brilliant Sales Copywriting – The Groupon way

Great sales copywriting has driven worldwide success for Groupon You’re by now probably aware of Groupon. No? It’s a group-buying website out of Chicago since 2008. Now running in nearly 40 UK towns and cities the company advertises limited deals on behalf on various businesses. Different offers each day covering things such as meal deals, […]