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Online Marketing – Salford University’s New Online Marketing Course

So my 28 Days Later experter than expert copywriting chops are contributing to the new Salford University Online Marketing Course. Crawford’s there too – in all his SEO/PR gory. So’s the delightful Katrina Gallagher and Mr Wharton – sprinkling their Manchester Online Marketing magic dust. Take a look below at Dave Cormier’s explanation of a MOOC. It’s […]

Wave of Mutilation

So did you contribute to the public humiliation of Carter Ruck? The shaming of United Airlines, the ignominy of The Horizon Realty Group. Have you joined the campaign against……wait for it…….. no giggling at the back……….the Belgian Jeweller? Did you get Jan Moir trending and give her a good old 140 character kicking? Transport for […]