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The Great Thing About Being a Copywriter in Manchester

One of the great things about being a sales and marketing copywriter in Manchester is the opportunity to explore other related fields. Film, music, design; everything, but everything, is research in this game. It’s an enjoyable necessity, especially as there are such a lot of smart events held in the city. For example, taking a […]

I Want a David Byrne Suit

Manchester’s grey acorn Morrissey was at the Lowry not so long ago complaining about how often he’s mistaken for indicted war criminal Ratko Mladic, award winning chanteuuuuuuse Kd Lang or even a young Stewart Lee. Talking of Stewart Lee – there’s a man that divides opinion. Moist lipped Guardianistas hanging on his every weighted pause while […]

Copywriting Genius

Death defying copywriting.  Classic “He didn’t dump me; I dumped him,” getting your retaliation in first copywriting. Agency copywriting at its most audacious, it’s boldest and brilliant best. Here’s Don Draper’s open letter to the New York Times… Don……. we have ignition. Steffan Postaer and his contributors sum up the episode insightfully on his Gods […]

Are you just putting it on?

So here goes…. the answer you’ve all been waiting for, that’s been keeping you awake at night. Bugging you like the Stazi. Remember the Trivial Pursuit Question? ‘What is 500 hundred times sweeter than cane sugar?’ Hold on tight …… The answer is….. according to Little Luke and Anna. You ready for this? Their answer […]

Copywriting That Saves Lives

If you’ve recently had the the misfortune of using the British motorway network you will know what a grim experience it can be at best of times. A wet Friday afternoon haul from Bristol to Manchester,  enough to reduce a grown man to Britney. Recently though, I’ve taken interest in and  inspiration from an extraordinarily […]