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Online Marketing – Salford University’s New Online Marketing Course

So my 28 Days Later experter than expert copywriting chops are contributing to the new Salford University Online Marketing Course. Crawford’s there too – in all his SEO/PR gory. So’s the delightful Katrina Gallagher and Mr Wharton – sprinkling their Manchester Online Marketing magic dust. Take a look below at Dave Cormier’s explanation of a MOOC. It’s […]

Sex – Get More Of It

Loving the AlphaNail site. Beautifully direct. Contextually beautiful. ‘Designed For Men. Worn By Warriors’. ‘Sex – Get More of It’. The strength of the headers matched by the no-nonsense alphamale tone of the (buff… sorry) body copy. Cocky, cool and ultra male. Whether it’s your thing or not there’s little arguing with the sales thinking […]

Good wine needs no bush

And neither should good copywriting There’s a shoe shop in the south eastern Chinese city of Shantou called ‘Good Wine Needs No Bush’. Ha! Those crazy Chinese and their crazy Chinglish. ‘How sweet’ we condescended. ‘What ARE they like!’ Well guess what? It’s not Chinglish at all it’s an old English expression that means (according […]