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Do you use PR as part of your online Marketing? You should.

Guest post by Manchester PR Rob Baker of Artisan Marketing Communications Honestly. Is there a better bang for your big theory than well applied online marketing? When ROI comes calling what better option than online search marketing in the pursuit of new clients? It’s sound thinking. Thinking that defines the traditional SEO agency approach to […]

Advertising Copywriting At Its Best – The Copy Book

Do you run any Google alerts? They’re a great way of keeping a virtual ear to the virtual ground.  I run a few – Copywriter UK, SEO Copywriting, Manchester Copywriter, Manchester Copywriting for instance, just to find out what’s going on in the world of…. hmmm copywriting. Manchester copywriter, Managing and Creative Director at Red C, […]

Copywriting Genius

Death defying copywriting.  Classic “He didn’t dump me; I dumped him,” getting your retaliation in first copywriting. Agency copywriting at its most audacious, it’s boldest and brilliant best. Here’s Don Draper’s open letter to the New York Times… Don……. we have ignition. Steffan Postaer and his contributors sum up the episode insightfully on his Gods […]