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Are you just putting it on?

So here goes…. the answer you’ve all been waiting for, that’s been keeping you awake at night. Bugging you like the Stazi. Remember the Trivial Pursuit Question? ‘What is 500 hundred times sweeter than cane sugar?’ Hold on tight …… The answer is….. according to Little Luke and Anna. You ready for this? Their answer […]

The logic of language, the funniest thing in the world – ever

A copywriting post? By a copywriter about copywriting, for copywriters? Hmmmmm. Tenuous. Sometimes though………… you just have to laugh. A few Christmases back I was round @jason and @phil_daniels place doing the Trivial Pursuit too much booze thing. Cheese and whine. Little Luke and his girlfriend Anna were there too, fairy lit and out if […]