Marketing Automation

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    Marketing Automation

    Great writing…. is…. well… great. But gold plated copy is just part of your success.

    Success that not only relies on the quality of what you communicate but also the how and the when you communicate.

    And because over the years we’ve seen too much quality work crash and burn all for lack of the right how, the right when, the right strategy, we decided to do something about it.

    So we use Marketing Automation. For UKC. And for our clients.

    Marketing Automation that we call Kampaign.

    Marketing Automation that makes our writing work much, much harder.

    Marketing Automation?

    Is showing up.

    And as Woody Allen said ‘80% of Success is Showing Up’.

    Right person + Right message + Right time

    CRM, lead scoring, drip email campaigns, dynamic website content, form, page and blog creation. Anything and everything to create and nurture those Right person + Right message + Right time relationships.

    Integrated, automated and strategically aligned, Marketing Automation is a really smart way to make the most of your really smart business writing.