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I Want a David Byrne Suit

Manchester’s grey acorn Morrissey was at the Lowry not so long ago complaining about how often he’s mistaken for indicted war criminal Ratko Mladic, award winning chanteuuuuuuse Kd Lang or even a young Stewart Lee. Talking of Stewart Lee – there’s a man that divides opinion. Moist lipped Guardianistas hanging on his every weighted pause while […]

Exceptional Copywriting

I was taking a look at the Information Commissioner’s Office blog earlier (as you do). The Sept 3rd post ‘What is Exceptional?’ by Information Commissioner, Christopher Graham made for an interesting read – an exploration of the word exceptional as deployed by the Attorney General in overruling an ICO decision ordering the release of minutes […]

The NOMEX Report

As a freelance copywriter my work takes on all shapes and sizes. From copywriting slogans to Google Adwords to SEO services. Based in Manchester, copywriting services tend to be focused either in the North West, Cheltenham (where I’m originally from) or London (copywriting often offering a ‘remote’ option). It’s not just UK copywriting projects that […]

Don’t Think About It…. Feel It

You know all that advice to SEO copywriters and bloggers? The SEO copywriter code that says effective copywriting should be brief, pay attention to keyword co-occurrence, keyword density, emboldened keywords and all the rest. All that stuff about anchor text, outbound links, meta tags? Well sorry, to disappoint. This blog pretty much ignores the perceived […]

The logic of language, the funniest thing in the world – ever

A copywriting post? By a copywriter about copywriting, for copywriters? Hmmmmm. Tenuous. Sometimes though………… you just have to laugh. A few Christmases back I was round @jason and @phil_daniels place doing the Trivial Pursuit too much booze thing. Cheese and whine. Little Luke and his girlfriend Anna were there too, fairy lit and out if […]