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Smart People Surround Themselves With Smart People

Identity vs. logic You know what they say…. the smart people. They say that smart people surround themselves with smart people. This guy’s smart.  He said this: “Before we start laying out the logical argument for a course of action, it’s worth considering whether a logical argument is what’s needed. It may be that the […]

Do you use PR as part of your online Marketing? You should.

Guest post by Manchester PR Rob Baker of Artisan Marketing Communications Honestly. Is there a better bang for your big theory than well applied online marketing? When ROI comes calling what better option than online search marketing in the pursuit of new clients? It’s sound thinking. Thinking that defines the traditional SEO agency approach to […]

Copywriting For The Uninitiated

There are many forms of initiation – heads down toilets, a blood oath, full body submersion, sacrifices, beatings. Kissing the royal belly. Down in one!! You Zulu Warrior! Mouths full of stones. I thought I’d make this one a little easier. My name’s Martin Williams – I’m a copywriter – my company is You […]

Marketing Copywriting Doesn’t Have To Be Rubbish

Quality marketing copywriting wins business. How come so much marketing copy and online sales copywriting is rubbish? Here’s a copywriting exception that proves the rule – Saddleback Leather I’ve long been a fan of Saddleback Leather – (sorry Ryan I know I go on about it). So much so that I was even inspired to […]