Time I Came Clean

Martin (UK Copywriting) Williams here. How’s it going? I wanted to tell you something about me that you may not already know. That I have a secret life….. I… ummmm… I…….. I…I make music. There… I admit it. Cards on the table. No more pretending. The most beautiful songs you’ve never heard… no less. Portishead? […]

Smart People Surround Themselves With Smart People

Identity vs. logic You know what they say…. the smart people. They say that smart people surround themselves with smart people. This guy’s smart.  He said this: “Before we start laying out the logical argument for a course of action, it’s worth considering whether a logical argument is what’s needed. It may be that the […]

New Classic Style

So… we put this together.  A new writing guide for organisations that want be more successful in English speaking markets. ‘How to win more customers and make more money in English speaking markets.’ Who is it for? International marketing companies. International PR companies. Export companies.  Export advisors. NGOs. Communications professionals. It’s great.  It’s supported with […]

The Pro Copywriters’ Network Conference 2014

Copyblogger – a copywriting website written by copywriters for copywriters. There’s a monstrously popular post there (more than 2k tweets and counting). It shines, it shimmers, it heaves insight, reassurance. The 4 Words That Will Get Your Email Opened. Those magical words? Close your eyes. Take a deep breath…. relax and….. ok…. Ok, here they […]

Free Copywriting Briefing Document

So, I’ve been meaning to blog about this for ages… you know what it’s like. The issue? Briefs. I’ll keep it… brief. It’s simple. The better the brief ,the better the work. In any industry. Especially in the behavioural modification industry. I’ve spoken to several copywriters recently who don’t even use a briefing document. Now […]