About Me

My name’s Martin J Williams.

I live in Manchester, UK.

I run UKC.

At UKC we develop strategies, build brands and create successful campaigns. Creative conversion writing, from brochures to straplines to email marketing campaigns, SEO copywriting and sales letters. Words that win business.

There’s plenty of research and reading – the lay of the land, between the lines. In fact there’s little we enjoy more than strapping a brief to a chair, shining a bright light into its eyes and extracting a full confession. Interviews, surveys, focus groups; they’re all part of the fun too.

Training clients include ServiceMaster, ConstructionQ, Commsec, Business Network International (BNI) and the Business Growth Hub.

Talk to  me on 07806 064015 or mail me at UK copywriting

As a conversion consultant I’ve worked with a range of agencies whose clients include major UK and Manchester copywriting agencies, SEO players, financial companies, online marketing agencies and direct marketing rock stars.


Before my life as a conversion copywriter…… I was… for want of a better definition – training. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was building up to starting UKcopywriting. Taking a very… very…… very long run up. More than 20 years worth of run up.

Observing, commentating, vacillating, incubating, studying, slumming, drumming, ballsing up; being me. For better – and occasionally worse. Lindsey Camp refers to pre-thinking. Yeah, that sounds better. I’ll buy that. 20 years of pre-thinking.

Origins of a Conversion Copywriter

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a successful musician, adored, respected, wealthy?

Me too.

In my extremely long-winded attempt to find out, I spent much of my adult life in the back of a Ford Transit.

Bands, gigs, studios; there were close misses and a few cigarillos.

I nailed two deals – A&M and Manchester’s very own Uglyman –  had a radio hit and did the big in Japan thing with my band Nilon Bombers (who?).  Did the ‘Best Song Award’ fling, with Silverman (who?) at the Playboy Mansions in L.A. There’s even a ghastly steel and glass trophy in an attic somewhere as testament to that one. Toured Ireland in the back of a cattle truck, recorded an album with self-proclaimed legend Kim Fowley – a once in a lifetime experience (hopefully).

It wasn’t all Bunny Girls and Bacardi mind…… ohhhhh no…I’ve sold computers, CRM software, Springsteen bootlegs, miniature remote controlled indoor helicopters, SEO, song-writing and copywriting skills.

I’ve audited half of Green King’s kitchen equipment and ordered the stock for Europe’s largest Literature Festival. I set up alternative music venue Calmer* – promoting, managing and scheduling amazing, innovative international artists including Jim Bob and Fruitbat from Carter USMMen Diamler, Devon Sproule, Paul CurreriPeter Bruntnell and Jamie Lawson.

There’s a degree in I.T. and Business Computing, a Trinity TESOL and a couple of years teaching and trading in China squeezed in too. It’s been – on the whole – most enlightening.

That I’ve become a professional copywriter is of little surprise in a way. I’ve been writing all my life. Visit here for some of the most beautiful songs you’ve never heard.

The surprise really, is that it took me as long as it did to realise it. And to realise it.

My point?

That a life of living and learning informs our writing.

That you’ve read this far, suggests I must be doing something right.

So here’s the pitch – Effective copy is vivid copy. Vivid ‘get above the noise copy’.


Talk to me. Mail me or call 07806 064015