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Strange as it may seem for a copywriting agency, it’s not words that lie at the heart of what we do – it’s numbers; Response Rates, Click Through Rates, CPA, ROMI, Conversion Rate Optimisation. The kinds of numbers that mean stronger sales. Higher profits. Words that win business.

We get the numbers for tech startups and blue chip tech companies as well as tech PR agencies and tech marketing agencies.

Businesses like PR Agency One.

How? With a long term SEO strategy involving a programme of technical SEO, onsite SEO copywriting and content development to make them the most visible PR agency in the UK.  

Launched by PRAO in January the PRAO tech PR division is already doing incredibly well in both in the north west and nationally for a wide range of tech PR keywords. 

The numbers?

Magic numbers.

Says James Crawford, managing director of PR Agency One, “Since January 2019 to August, we have have won 4 pieces of new business from 17 qualified leads that came through the tech PR agency pages. The conversion rate is a very respectable 6.16% and the bounce rate is a brilliant 37%.  That’s just counting organic. A paid campaign generated a further 22 leads.”

But the magic numbers don’t happen by magic. They happen by design.

“We were very careful to make sure that a broad range of tech PR search terms were targeted along with the top level category and its variations, says HNW’s Martin Williams.   And because we understand the tech space, the challenges, the ambitions and motivations, it means that we understand the messaging that really resonates.

“Without giving too much away, we wrapped up the PRAO proposition with smart targeted phrases.”

How do your numbers stack up? Are you using an SEO copywriting team with the skills, the strategy and the tech experience to get you the numbers you want?

PRAO is. 

Call now on 07806 064015 or email to find out exactly what we do for them and how we can help you get the numbers too.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

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