If We Dare To Be Then We’ll Be Who We Dare

I wrote a song a long time ago called If My Hair Gets Wet. You can click above to listen to it.

The chorus starts with the line, ‘If my hair gets wet, then I will have wet hair’. It’s a big two fingers to trying and failing. It’s a refusal to allow myself to be bullied but fate, or misfortune, or myself. It’s defiant. Like I wish I could be more often. Like I’m determined to be more often.

A rallying cry. To myself. A call for bravery. To myself. An appeal for license. For permission. So that I might be brave enough to really say the things I think (kindly). To trust my judgement more. To not flinch at the first signs of ridicule or be derailed by threat of disagreement or conflict. To be clear minded. Considered. Prepared.

Make sense? Do you relate? I know I’m not alone.

The song ends with the line, ‘If we dare to be then we’ll be who we dare’. It’s true.

As true as this Idles lyric from the song Television.

If someone talked to you 
The way you do to you 
I’d put their teeth through 
Love yourself

The relevance to a copywriting website?

Like everything I try to do.

To change the way you feel, if only for a moment. To do it empathetically. Humanly. To provoke a thought with a useful story that maybe you can take forward. And if it succeeds, then great. And if it doesn’t, then no harm in trying. I’ll just towel dry, and go again.

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