Words That Win Business – to the Power of Three

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You know what they say… smart people surround themselves with smart people.

It’s true. As true now as when I said it in a blog a couple of years back. Truer in fact.

Which is why I’ve teamed up with Andrew Nattan of 603Copywriting and Ben Hampson of BJ Hampson Copywriting.

Which is why Andy’s teamed up with me and Ben.

Which is why Ben has teamed up with me and Andy.

Complimentary. And complementary.

Smart huh.

But a bit weird too?

Three successful copywriting agencies. Three competitors. Now a trio.

What’s that about?

The answer’s simple.

It’s because when you get to that point, where you stop seeing competition and start seeing collaboration, amazing things happen.

Amazing things impossible to achieve to the power of one.

Triple Strength Writing for example – peer reviewed writing – so you can be absolutely sure you’re getting the best writing possible. Best practice writing, not best opinion writing.

Or our investment in Tone of Voice. A lot of writers and agencies, a lot of businesses, are quick to talk about Tone of Voice. Few go deep to explore it with the rigour it deserves.

Nobody defines your Tone of Voice like Hampson Nattan Williams does. Did you know there are 11 Primary Tones of Voice? Did you know your business is likely to be a blend of two, maybe three? We’ll tell you which. Then we’ll show you how to apply yours.

And then there’s our ability to deliver a Data Driven Copy package that treats every piece of work as the ‘control’ and continually seeks to improve performance.

Again, many marketing agencies and businesses talk a good testing and measurement game. Few put the testing and measurement in place.

You want certainty? Have it.

Three successful copywriting agencies. Three competitors. Now a threesome.

It makes us smarter. It makes us better able to do a better job.

More importantly, it benefits you.

It helps your marketing make the change it seeks to make.

You convert more. You sell more. You persuade better. You make more money.

It’s true. Smart people surround themselves with smart people.

Get smart results.

Hampson Nattan Williams – Words That Win Business – to the power of three.

We’re here: https://wordsthatwinbusiness.com

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