The Art of Reviewing Copywriting Conferences

Not another picture beach

Just a review of a review.

It’s a reflektor.

Unfashionably late to the Copy Cabana 2017 party I know, but how can I not celebrate Mr Nattan’s post match analysis?

A great gob of Salfordian swearyness and smart sensitive copywriting realities augmented with a bunch of Tweets and slide shares from other contributors and attendees. Inclusive, socially savvy and genuinely entertaining. Funny in places too.

Most of all – well useful.

An absolute Nadia Comăneci of a post “Lanyards Are Bollocks” – What I Learned at Copy Cabana by Andrew Nattan (aged 32 years precisely) would have saved most of us fortunate enough to have been there the discomfort of rummaging through our piss poor notes and dissolved memories to take way the best of the best take ways.

(I don’t know about you but I’ve already pinched the Valuable Content Island slide to make me look so much smarter than I’m really not).

Nick Parker’s 10 tones of voice stuff? Yes please.

And with 144 shares (and counting) the guy’s virtually viral. Twitter juice galore. Hopefully this blogette may even bounce it a little more. It certainly deserves it.

Good work that man. Great connection. Great show don’t tell. Honest, authentic, and all the rest of the 11th tone of voice we spotted on the way home – The Quiet Consistent Corbyn Convictionist – the one where everyone eventually realises that you were right all the time. Perhaps.

And yes looking forward to doing it all again next year, though without the late night takeout horror show.

Thanks to Andy MaslenVickki RossAlastair DickieClaire MedcalfEileen MacCallum@ZellCopy (who drove 6 hours there and 6 hours back to attend!!), Abigail Smith and  Pete Stephen for the hoot. And of course good old Size 15s himself.

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The Art of Reviewing Copywriting Conferences

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  1. Listen, the takeout horror show was mostly my fault, but it was a story to tell. In the entirety of human history, the thousands of years behind and ahead, you can stand up and say “I saw a man pay £5 for the worst pizza ever made by human hands.”

    Andrew Nattan October 6, 2017 at 3:58 pm #

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