A little less English

I was talking with Andy in Berlin earlier. He’s written a book:

50 Conversation Classes: 50 sets of conversation cards with an accompanying activity sheet containing vocabulary, idioms and grammar.

Number 3 on Amazon’s “Teaching english as a foreign language’ book list – no less.

I’ve been pestering him for months to pull his finger out and write another.

He’s on the case.

So, after he’s pointed out a couple of typos on my Awards Submissions page our conversation pretty much revolved around how best we can market ourselves

We talked about the Dr Strangewords PDF (available on the copywriting freebies page), we talked about video, about training, about inspiration, about feedback loops, micro neurons, skill stacks, the importance of asking for forgiveness instead of permission, the need to sidestep road blocks. We’re good at talking about it – not so great at doing.

A case in point – the Content Marketing chapter I contributed to in Digital and Social Media Marketing: A Results-Driven Approach. Edited by the irrepressible Aleksej Heinz at Salford University and published by Routledge – she’s a beauty.

Instead of shouting from the roof tops I’ve been a a little shy about the whole thing. A little reserved. A little English perhaps.

So we concluded… we need to be less English.

More American perhaps?

Hell yeah!!!!!

Maybe not.

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