Technology changes, people don’t

Lawrence Bernstein – what a guy. He’s assembled a huge swipe file of classic
copywriting and classic ads over at InfoMarketing. Dynamite technique.
Fascinating analysis. He studies them, collates them and shares them.

Sign up to his mail list – it’s a hoot.

On July 28, 2008 Drayton Bird said in “DM Weekly”

“I had been looking for these impossible to find masterpieces for many,
many years. I now have them (and a massive batch of other greats)
thanks to the amazing archival talents of Lawrence Bernstein.”

For those who understand that though technology changes
people don’t his work is an absolute gift.

Thanks Lawrence,

Yours for bolder response too,


(From ‘UKC Headquarters’ in rainy Manchester.)

Here’s one of the many ads on his site. The Martin Conroy WSJ
stone cold classic. It sold $2 billion worth of Wall St. Journal
subscriptions and ran from 1975-2003 with only minor edits. 

The famous $2 billion sales letter

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