Smart People Surround Themselves With Smart People

Identity vs. logic

You know what they say…. the smart people.

They say that smart people surround themselves with smart people.

This guy’s smart. icn.seths.head

He said this: “Before we start laying out the logical argument for a course of action, it’s worth considering whether a logical argument is what’s needed.

It may be that the person you’re engaging with cares more about symbols, about tribal identity, about the status quo. They may be driven by fear or anger or jealousy. It might be that they just don’t care that much.

Sometimes we find ourselves in a discussion where the most coherent, actionable, rational argument wins.

Sometimes, but not often.

People like us do things like this.”

Smart eh?

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Smart People Surround Themselves With Smart People

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  1. Haha true… and when a smart person becomes the smartest in the room…they find another room…

    Wesley Young March 26, 2018 at 9:41 pm #

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