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SigmaSo then…. July 15th. We’ve teamed up with UX experts Sigma to add the writing component of the Writing For the Web course. UX and Copywriting training that’s going to be… epic.

Epic if you or your staff are responsible for adding high quality copy to your website and want to be better at it.

Important areas covered:

UX insights into online reading and information retrieval including:

  • New responsive technologies
  • Screen sizes and resolution research
  • Online reading habits

Site hierarchy and structuring essentials including:

  • Information Architecture insights
  • User personas, goals and tasks
  • Information types – not all information is equal
  • Intuitive labelling
  • Card sorting

How to create powerful and persuasive page layouts including:

  • White space that wins attention
  • Headings that draw readers in
  • Sub heads, bullets, lists and tables

Words that win business. Skills to make your writing sing:

  • The 4 essential cornerstones of effective writing
  • Evaluation of good, bad and indifferent web writing
  • Functions of web text and micro content
  • Transforming text and editing
  • The 6 timeless rules of effective writing
  • Magnetic headlines
  • Writing that lights up the dark

All the info is here on the new Words That Win Business site.

What’s particularly exciting about training with Sigma is that they are all about performance. Eliciting maximum online performance..

Because they understand user experience, understand testing and understand how best to measure performance every aspect of a web presence can be tested. Including the copy. I like that a lot. When we write copy for clients we want to know that it’s delivering. And if it’s not, we need to know it’s not so we can do something about it.

You too hopefully.


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