Reading, Writing and Arithmetic

Sundays-readingwritingarithmeticGreat day at the inaugural (sorry… first) Pro Copywriters’ Network Conference last week.

Super smart presentations from Andy Maslen, Dave Trott, Graeme Archer and Dee Blick. A super smart venue in the form of Haberdashers’ Hall.

Amongst the many words of wisdom, here are three particularly memorable quotes. As inspired as they are true:

1. ‘Creativity is the last unfair advantage we’re legally allowed to take over the competition’. – Dave Trott.
2. ‘Without empathy writing is a pointless and empty activity’. – Graeme Archer.
3. ‘Copywriting is all about numbers, not words.’ – Andy Maslen.

Love it.

We’re employed for a reason. To improve response rates, click through rates, reduce CPA, increase ROMI, and when all is said and written, to boost profits.

Creative work, written empathetically will give you a much greater chance of delivering the numbers.

Reading, Writing…… and Arithmetic.

Lovely to spend some time with Tom Albrighton, Ben Locker, Neil Stoneham, Dan Adams, Valuable Content and Sarah Turner. Props to Tom and Ben for having the balls to put the event together.

Oh… and happy birthday Paul Brindley – He’s somewhere below, playing bass and looking all young and gorgeous.

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