The Great Thing About Being a Copywriter in Manchester


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One of the great things about being a sales and marketing copywriter in Manchester is the opportunity to explore other related fields. Film, music, design; everything, but everything, is research in this game. It’s an enjoyable necessity, especially as there are such a lot of smart events held in the city.

For example, taking a trip down to SAScon 2013. Now… copywriters (well creative copywriters at least) and SEOs,with their cost per word Google fodder approach, may not have had the closest of relationships. Since SEO (or should that be inbound marketing?) has been Pandered and Penguined though things have changed. Quality writing is back on the menu and a number of Manchester SEO agencies are busy putting together inhouse creative teams including copywriters and even PR expertise. It’s all good.

On the creative side of things Blab 15 at Band On The Wall the other night gave me the chance to get an eyeful of some great graphic design. The inspired and inspirational Kyle Bean sharing his design insights. Super smart thinking , brilliant analogy and juxtaposition as its source.

After all – isn’t it all about thinking? Clear, creative thinking – predatory thinking even. The more great thinking you can put yourself in front of the better.

Whether you’re a copywriter, SEO (sorry… inbound marketer) graphic designer, photographer, PR, web developer, songwriter, engineer, basket weaver or whatever… it’s the thought that counts.

Thank you Manchester.

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