Where PR Agency Meets SEO Meets Online Marketing

Generous to a fault I’d like to share a new expression with you. It might inspire. It might make you reach for the sick bag. Either way it should definitely give you plenty to think about.

‘Marketing Gaia’ – (a term that with only 3,160 exact match returns on a Google search tells you that at least it’s a relatively original one).

Marketing Gaia – the simple idea that marketing interacts naturally on and offline. That your marketing is greater than the sum of your online and offline parts. And that offline marketing and digital marketing are far from discreet. They’re complementary. Each informing, each driving the other.

Here’s a great presentation that walks through the many benefits of PR/SEO .

[slideshare id=12950733&doc=seoandpratsascon2012onlinepr-120516014345-phpapp01]


It’s only together that they can they properly build genuine significance – and along with it successful and sustainable businesses.

Anyone for a spot of heuristics?

And while traditional PR agencies are busting a gut to get their heads around digital; and while any digital agency and SEO company worth its salt has now binned dodgy link building and is trying to cultivate offline media relationships, other more progressive, more dynamic PR Agency thinking is already out there doing it. They’ve already locked together the component parts and are already delivering wider, deeper and more sustainable marketing benefits to their fortunate clients. We’re talking SEO/PR. Where PR Agency meets SEO meets online marketing.

PR strategy. Branding. Web Dev. Technical SEO. Copywriting. Social Media. Most importantly… holism.

Put ‘em together and what have you got? Ummmm… Marketing Gaia.

Sure the concept’s spot on…. but the term? If you’re got anything less up itself, I’m all ears. Do share.


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Where PR Agency Meets SEO Meets Online Marketing

2 Responses

  1. Marketing Gaia? I’m sure many businesses that hire the various people needed to achieve Marketing Gaia end up disappointed. It is crucial that all the different cogs in the search marketing wheel are joined up otherwise it usually ends in disappointing results. I think we’re well past the point where SEO is done in isolation.

    Brett April 21, 2016 at 11:17 am #
  2. Thanks for the contribution Brett. And of course you’re right Brett. We’re we’re well past the point where SEO is done in isolation by now.


    But of course, only properly managed holism will deliver.

    Martin Williams April 22, 2016 at 2:13 pm #

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