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Due to circumstances largely beyond my control I shall be sitting out on this year’s Sauvignon and saliva fest. No Valentine for me thanks – unless it’s a bloody one. Most likely a quiet night in gathering my emotional energy for the Pat Nevin V Colin Murray DJ Battle at Manchester’s Roadhouse later in the month. I may even take a moment or two to contemplate how adding the rel=author markup to my UK Copywriting site may or may not benefit…. like you don’t.

Google have been banging on about it for months and there’s a bucket load of comment and advice out there. Here’s a useful article on using the Yoast plugin to add sthe code to WordPress blog. I’m a complete knob head when it comes to stuff like that but even I could manage this one.

Looks good – a pretty little Google+ profile image and a ‘rich snippet’ beefing up the old organic search return.

This sort of thing…………

Alistair Cook Capture

You’d think there might be some sort of ranking benefit too… dunno but Eric Schmidt seems to confirm that identity verification impacts on Google rankings.



So when it comes to My Bloody Valentine, I do realise that any bloke between the ages of 40 an 55 with even vaguely indie leanings was meant to have been damp for days on end over the release of their m.b.v. follow up to Loveless. Not me. Sorry. More bloody minded than Bloody Valentine me. Did the same with Lost in Translation and Belle and Sebastian. Just couldn’t allow myself to go with the flow – the rivers of weeping cool, so… and I’ll admit it here and now – I closed my mind. Deliberately. Handsomely. And rather stupidly. I repent. Contrition due for completion on March 10th @ The Apollo in Manchester.


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