Read This, Write Songs, Take Photos

On Friday, the thirteenth of July 1973, Patti Smith gave a reading in memory of Jim Morrison on the roof of underground filmmaker Jack Smith’s loft at Greene Street Canal. It was her own bill, and anyone who was there had come to celebrate Jim Morrison with her. Among them was Lenny Kaye, and although they would not perform together that night, it would soon come to pass that she would not perform without him.

On Friday, the thirteenth of July 2012, I recounted this memory from her autobiography Just Kids.

As Nick Honby writes: ‘The most beautiful, incredible autobiography – it will make you ache for a time and a place that you probably never knew, New York in the 1970s.’ It does.

As Skinnybloke writes in his Amazon review: ‘I don’t usually like autobiographies but I found this to be beautifully written and truly inspirational. It’s made me get off my lazy a**e, stop watching so much telly, and start playing my guitar, writing songs and getting to know my DSLR again.’

Me too.

Come on, let’s do it.

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