Confessions of a Copywriting Groupie

Two In The Bush

Look at me! With my BEST new mate. Sidling up him thinking maybe some of that success, some of those awards, inductions into halls of fame, the wealth, the acclaim, the string of suitors…. might… just might rub off. Ha! Shameless. Ever the misplaced optimist indeed.

Anyway… I regress… Classic copywriting insight doesn’t get much more insightful than that handed out by the likes of Drayton Bird at last week’s seminar in Bristol. Self-effacing, witty and true – though most of the examples referred to print and direct mail the rock solid principles remain. Know your audience, know your product and treat both with the respect they deserve.

There was plenty of detail in support, Orwell’s Six Rules For Writing, Bird’s 5Ws, headlines, copy length, captions, subverting clichés, selling the offer, the importance of testimonials, the absolute importance of benefits, zigging not zagging.

Combined and put into video form you end up with something like this:

Good eh?

We were also treated to Steve Harrison’s fantastic portrait of the life and times of one of advertising’s forgotten heroes – Howard Luck Gossage. Now in the form of a new book – Changing the World is the Only Fit Work for a Grown Man: Johnny Cullen of Euston Do You Copy? reviews it here, much better than I ever could.

I’m on a roll… who else can I gush praise all over? Though really… I think I’ve embarrassed myself enough for one rainy bank holiday afternoon.

Have fun.


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Confessions of a Copywriting Groupie

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