14 Words That Are Key to a Successful Relationship

I’m not one for re quoting Dalai Lama wisdom or the profound words of people I’d never heard of until someone I mistakenly follow on Twitter used them to affirm their touchy feely side. I will, however, make an exception today as it’s Valentine’s Day.

And to the Guardian’s Rob Smyth who included this contribution from Paul Taylor in his live coverage of the Pakistan v England One Day International (England won by 130 runs by the way), a heartfelt and sincere thanks.

“14 words that are key to a successful relationship: ‘You look great’ ‘Can I help?’ ‘Let’s eat out’ ‘I’m sorry’ ‘I love you’.”


Thanks to [ T▲TH▲G▲T▲ ] for the image (keep 'em coming Tris)

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