The Importance Of Being Brian Cox

Brian CoxI was talking with a client recently about a some new brochure copywriting when I pulled out the old ‘Whose voice should we hear when we read the words?’ question. Roger Horberry refers to it in his Brilliant Copywriting book. It’s the bit of the brief where the client works out which person or combination of people might best represent their brand personality. Some might say Patsy from Absolutely Fabulous with a dash of Stephen Fry or Morrissey meets Peter Griffin. Or George Clooney meets Wayne Rooney with a hint Belinda Carlisle.

‘In many ways’, says Horberry, ”’Whose voice should I hear?’ is the most important question a copywriter can ask a client.’

Not only that but it’s also the best fun.

My client concluded that astronomer to the stars, Manchester’s very own Professor Brian Cox would do. A very wise choice if you don’t mind me saying so sir. It also gives me the opportunity to share this video of the wonderful Earnest Cox (see what I did in the title? Eh? See it?). What a band. Happy Day what a great song. A gift.

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The Importance Of Being Brian Cox

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  1. Yeah but did you check out the song?

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