Copywriting For The Uninitiated

Copywriting initiationThere are many forms of initiation – heads down toilets, a blood oath, full body submersion, sacrifices, beatings. Kissing the royal belly. Down in one!! You Zulu Warrior! Mouths full of stones.

I thought I’d make this one a little easier.

My name’s Martin Williams – I’m a copywriter – my company is

You may be familiar with copywriting and what copywriters do – you may not. Many people aren’t.

Perhaps the best way to explain what I do is to tell you what copywriting isn’t.

1. Copywriting not copyrighting.

Copywriting has absolutely nothing to do with patents or trademarks or legal stuff like that. No sir. Nothing at all. We’re talking words, not intellectual property.

2. Copywriting is not academic.

Secondly – copywriting is not a purely academic exercise – it’s not all about korrect spelling, or curling the c’s or beginning the b’s.

Yes – properly written work is important. Errors distract. They undermine. And of course, there’s no excuse for grievous fails. Proof reading is important. Being a grammar Nazi though isn’t. Whether you begin a sentence with but or begin a sentence with and isn’t the point. And if you need to do that to help get your message across – then so be it. Go create. There ain’t no rules that are so precious they can’t never be broke.

No – Copywriting is a strictly commercial endeavour.

In fact – Don’t call me a copywriter at all.

Go on….Call me a marketer. Call me a sales man. I don’t care.

And what do I sell?

Prepositions? Irregular verbs? Compound nouns? Nah. Though wise David Crystal does tell the tale of once receiving an order for two dozen nouns and a couple of adjectives.

I sell… at the risk of sounding like something that Clickbank dragged in…

I sell certainty.

And yes…I know that sounds naff. There is a nefford to my naffness though. Please let me explain.

Your business has numerous touch points. Places on and off line where you communicate with a range of different clients, prospects, partners, suppliers and the rest.

You’ll use sales letters, emails, websites, brochures and plenty of internal communication such as reports. Different forms of message. Different objectives.


1. A reminder email to an existing customer about a missed reorder date – nudge nudge sales.
2. An FAQ page – both provide useful information and build customer confidence.
3. A customer letter – selling the benefits of a new online service.
4. A report – researched based recommendations.

All the time you need to be certain that every time you speak with a prospect or a customer or a colleague – that your messages achieve what they are intended to achieve. That they do exactly what you want them to do.

To educate.

To enlighten.

To inspire.

To persuade.

To sell.

To turn what might be, into what is.

How do I do it?

I use the most powerful tools known to man.

Mail me on [email protected] – call 07806 064015 or send me a Service Enquiry here and we can talk about the many ways my copywriting can help build your business.

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