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Manchester Marketing CopywriterConnie just asked me to run her into Uni. Ever the gent, I did. Good thing too. For one – Connie makes her lecture on time. Secondly I managed to catch an interesting piece on You and Yours, (since the kids up the road snapped the car aerial we’re hardwired to Radio 4).

There was a feature on the Keep Calm And Carry On wartime poster salvaged from obscurity by the very nice chap who runs Barter Books in Northumberland. His keen eye turned it into the fun, familiar slogan we see around the place today. Good work that man.

Next up was the slightly moist sounding Mark Coop, who because he knocked up a website and stuck the phrase on some cufflinks or a jelly mould or something seems to think he has a special claim on it. He’s even been granted an EU trademark and is goose-stepping around the web telling people they can’t use it. God knows whether he genuinely believes his self-centred wibble about the trademark protecting original, innovative uses. More likely he underestimates people’s ability to spot bullshit. Charmless. Either way it got me thinking.

Thin end of a wedge?

Photoshoplifting courtesy of Jason Tawn

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