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Report writing

At UK Copywriting it’s not just about SEO Copywriting and Sales Copywriting. I’ve just completed some detailed report writing for the wonderful Jonas Vebner who runs the London office for Music Export Norway. Love it. Meetings, telephone interviews, focus groups, surveys, research and plenty of long, hard thinking. Extracting the sentiments, the evidence, the threads and pulling it all together is a clear, digestible format. A document to shine a light, help inform positive decision making and map a successful future as well as simply acting as a mirror.

And the way to get the most from report writing?

  • Define the purpose of the report.
  • Clearly identify the readership.
  • Establish crystal clear objectives.
  • Apply thoroughly considered research.
  • Make sure you’re asking the right people the right questions.
  • Apply clear and organised report structure.
  • Order in ReportOrderRead?
    Executive Summary – The gist of the report. The report at a glance.6Always
    Content – Should list the main sections, subsections and appendices with page numbers.7N/A
    Introduction – The ‘who’ the ‘why’ the scope and the objective.1Sometimes
    Findings/Main Body – Your detailed facts and findings.3Usually
    Conclusions – Considered judgements based on the main body. Don’t include any information that isn’t already in the main body.4Usually
    Recommendations – Follows on from and is based on the conclusions. If the report has been well put together the recommendations will read as a natural extension to the conclusions.5Nearly always
    Bibliography/Sources – List relevant research and any necessary further reading. Include details of interviewees or focus group attendees as appropriate.2 – Write as you researchIf the report indicates further research is necessary
    Appendices – detailed support information.Rarely
    Title Page – Keep it simple, keep it clear.Usually

    If you are looking for clear insight, to get under the skin of a challenge, an opportunity, to reveal wider, deeper perspectives, information that can make a material difference to your business… call me.

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