Great business deserves great copywriting

Eric and ErnieRemember that Morecambe and Wise sketch in which Eric hears a siren wailing outside. He looks out of the window and tells Ernie,”he’ll not sell much ice-cream going at that speed”.

Classic comedy no doubt, but what has Eric Morecambe’s genius one liner got to do with SEO copywriting or advertising copywriting?

Quite a lot.

I was reading a Seth Godin blog in which he talks about the speed of the information environment we all now inhabit. He talks about a “transparent wall, between digital spectators and direct interaction or transaction.” A ‘participation gap’ that Laura Connell refers to her ‘When a blog falls in an empty forest‘ post on Matthew Stibbe’s Bad Language site

“The faster the train is moving”, Godin says, “the harder it is to pay attention, open the window and do business. If all you’re doing is increasing the number of digital spectators to your work, you’re unlikely to earn the conversion you deserve.”


And the ways to earn that interaction? To engage?  To even stand a chance of turning spectators into participants?

Well of course you need to build trust, develop a reputation, offer great products, share a great narrative, know your audience and treat them with respect – you know the score.

Knowing what to do is one thing. Knowing how do it, another. How do you express your virtues, your worth. How do you differentiate and define your story? Slow people down to the point where you have a chance of doing business?

Answer – Great copywriting.

Whilst everyone is chasing their LSI, their HTML 5, LDA, WYSIWeb 3.0 tail and turning to butter (check out this fantastic Hobo SEO pseudo science article) it’s easy to forget that at the heart of the bullet train is killer copywriting.

Successful marketing is based on strong ideas and strong copywriting. Always has been – always will be. Komunikashun innit?

Great business deserve great copywriting.

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Great business deserves great copywriting

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  1. Copy is what keeps people on the page, in conjunction with a visual idea. But great copy won’t be read unless the viewer’s eye is drawn to it, and viewers won’t read the copy if it’s not interesting TO THEM!
    Copy needs to be relevant, engaging and easy to read,

    But you know that already, don’t you?

    jason @ cinnamon agency August 17, 2011 at 6:51 pm #

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