Talking About Great Copywriting Doesn’t Make You A Great Copywriter

Copywriting AcesWhen it comes to sales copywriting, talk’s as plentiful as it is dirt cheap. Set up a Tweetdeck column with a copywriting hashtag and watch a steady flow of copywriting f and j flow by. In the length of time it took me to consider how best to express a short length of time this lot drifted into view.

• Creating A Search Engine Copywriting Plan
• Sales Copywriting for digital mindsets
• Effective Copywriting Tips For Any Business:
• The Copywriting Crash Course.
• How to Get Your First Copywriting Client in 14 Days or Less.
• Are Your Headlines BORING People To Death?
• 10 Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Sales Copy.
• SEO copywriting should have continuity.
• Better Web Copywriting Will Lead To A High Income.
• The Guaranteed Way to Radically Improve Your Sales Copywriting.
• Stop Making Fun With Copywriting – Hire the Expert and Encash Your Services – Yeah right.

Now whilst some of this social media linkage will inevitably contain nuggets of truth, useful themes and rich seems of marketing know-how – in reality, much of it is trash. Talking about magic doesn’t you a magician. Proclaiming 20/20 foresight doesn’t give you vision.

In fact vast swathes of what you’ll read on the interweb is little short of hopeless. Crummy content marketing, thinly disguised pitches or shallow attempts to build authority. The challenge is to identify the mindfill before your finite time and will to live have been irretrievably exhausted.

Confusion Is The Enemy Of Conversion

When it comes to copywriting, for anyone simply trying to figure out how to team a copywriting requirement with a copywriter – maybe you need website copy, sales email copy, landing page copy, whatever – all this input, all this ‘thought leadership’ is deafening. Google guru torture. The volume of advice inversely proportionate to its ability to help. I mean… where’s it all going to end? A flinch, a feint, you slumped over your desk, forehead press against the keyboard, tears kissing ctrl alt del.

And all you wanted was a sales copywriter with the cajones and the words to get you from where you are now – superficially implacable, but deep down concealing a black heart raging at the sight of your competition hoovering up the profits at the business end of Google – to where you want to be –  hoovering up the profits at the business end of Google.

The only two words of advice you will ever need.

Clarity Wins

Not simplicity – Clarity.

Clarity in the pure form of a professional sales copywriter. A writer who can take your big idea, build you a swan and set it free on clear water. Fancy dan persuasion techniques need not apply. Just insightful, intelligent and crystal clear copy that illuminates, that orientates and makes it obvious why your prospects should chose you and not your competition.

Clarity in the form of UK Copywriting, from of all people,

Thanks to ChaseofSpades for the Flickr image.

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Talking About Great Copywriting Doesn’t Make You A Great Copywriter

5 Responses

  1. Isn’t this post just talking about copy writing?

    Doug May 15, 2011 at 4:31 pm #
  2. Yes it is. Doesn’t make it great though does it? No.. hang on..

    Martin May 22, 2011 at 12:45 pm #
  3. Well, Martin, I’d say that a writer capable of demonstrating an understanding of the dynamics and fundamentals of copywriting probably DOES stand a better chance of actually being an effective copywriter than the next guy. In fact, most great blog posts offer exactly the kind of clarity (not to mention insight) you advise clients to look for — that’s what makes them great. Guess what: if someone can create clear, persuasive content for themselves, chances are they can probably do it for you too.

    And with all due respect, I’d have to agree with the first commenter: it takes more than a little brazen chutzpah to deride content marketing while actively engaging in it.

    – Jeff

    Jeff June 3, 2011 at 10:34 am #
  4. Hi Jeff, thanks for dropping by.

    I couldn’t agree more re your point concerning ‘show don’t tell’ power of clear persuasive content.

    As regards content marketing, don’t get me wrong – I haven’t got a problem with CM that adds genuine insight – advertising/content too good to throw away as Mr Clark has referred to it.

    Surely a little insight into (and derision of) copy content that offers much less than meets the eye is fair content too?

    admin June 8, 2011 at 9:22 am #

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