Marketing Copywriting Doesn’t Have To Be Rubbish

Saddleback 2Quality marketing copywriting wins business. How come so much marketing copy and online sales copywriting is rubbish?

Here’s a copywriting exception that proves the rule – Saddleback Leather

I’ve long been a fan of Saddleback Leather – (sorry Ryan I know I go on about it). So much so that I was even inspired to have some of my own bags made in a half arsed attempt to catch a wave last time I was in Colombia. If you’ve never visited Saddleback then you must.

Be warned though. If you have a bag fetish like me and Eddie then this place could well send you over the edge.

The bags and satchels there are next level. To die for.

Apart from the leather work what’s also world class about the site is the way it’s put together. A direct product of the genuine passion shared by the company’s owner Dave Munson. A passion he expresses in about the best marketing copywriting you could could ever wish to read. His story is fantastic and the way he tells it is absolutely compelling.

From the ‘They’ll fight over it when you’re dead’ strap line through the 100 year warranty to the client sourced pictures of bags in every every weird and wonderful corner of the world, the site is stuffed with classy, imaginative and heartfelt marketing copywriting and ideas. A long, long copy labour of love. Every word justified. There are ballsy links to competitors, an unapologetic explanation of the not inconsiderable prices, an FAQ section crammed with information on the range of bags, sizes, specs, different types of leather used. It’s beautiful. Jonathan Kranz who’s as in love with the site as I am lists 11 killer components.

In an article titled Why Is Business Writing So Awful? @jasonfried yet another who’s fallen under the Saddleback spell refers to the description of the quality of the company’s bags:

‘You know how when a magician exposes to the world how other magicians trick people, all of the other magicians get mad at him for spilling the beans? Well, I’m about to spill the beans and ruin it for all of those companies trying to trick you into buying their not so high quality leather…You’re about to learn what to look for and what to look out for as you shop for your next leather piece. By the way, if I soon die by a chopstick to the neck, you’ll know why. I’m a marked man.’

And the way that Munson explains his guarantee:

‘All of our products are fully warranted against all defects in materials and workmanship for 100 years. If you or one of your descendants should have a problem, send it back to me or one of my descendants and we’ll repair or replace it for free or we’ll give you a credit on the website (be sure to mention the warranty in your will).’

So the next time a client queries the value of quality marketing copy point them at Saddleback Leather. Compare it to marketing copy on other leather bag sites. Get your client to consider Saddleback standard in their sector. Then ask them to pay their deposit and let you get on with the work.

It’s the best advert for quality copywriting you could ever wish to read. Am I right? Or am I right?

Is this the best retail website in the world?

What are your favourite sites? Sites where the copy sings.

Image borrowed from the Saddleback website

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Marketing Copywriting Doesn’t Have To Be Rubbish

2 Responses

  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Martin! FYI: After a little more than a year of use, I recently bought the Chamberlain’s Leather Milk, Leather Bag Liniment the site recommends. My bag is in good shape, but exposure to rain had caused some crackling at the top. If your bag is new, you probably don’t need the liniment at all. But if you’re considering the purchase, you can do so with confidence. The stuff isn’t at all greasy and has done a great job of restoring the bag’s “like new” lustre.

    Jonathan Kranz March 7, 2011 at 10:19 am #
  2. Hi Jonathan, nice to ‘meet’ you. Which bag did you go for? I’m weighing up options at the moment, taking my time. One of the Colombian bags I had made is starting to wear nicely so no immediate rush. I’m wondering too about the tax hit. I picked up half a dozen T-Shirts from and got absolutely stuffed by customs when I went to pick them up. I may need the servies of a cool leather bag mule when I make my move :-).

    Really enjoy your writing by the way. Thanks.

    Martin March 7, 2011 at 7:46 pm #

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