Sales Copywriting Rules

Marketing copywritingAt UK Copywriting we’ve been doing a lot of sales copywriting recently. Good old fashioned direct response kinds of sales copywriting. Immediate, high impact copywriting that inspires quick clicks and actions. Profitable copywriting. It doesn’t hang about. Or waste your time.

The sort of sales and marketing copywriting you see in Drayton Bird’s How To Write Sales Letters That Sell or The Adweek Copywriting Handbook, by Joe Sugarman.

Some people look down on sales copywriting. They think it’s passé. Aren’t we now immune to persuasion, to the pitch? Doesn’t marketing copywriting now revolve around content marketing and social media? People say sales copywriting is dead.

They’re wrong. If the writing is well researched, expertly crafted and clearly addresses the reader, sales copywriting delivers big time. For all your viral video, blogs, articles and content strategy, it’s your sales copywriting that closes.

Sales copywriting rules!

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