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Optimized-nomex_reportAs a freelance copywriter my work takes on all shapes and sizes. From copywriting slogans to Google Adwords to SEO services.

Based in Manchester, copywriting services tend to be focused either in the North West, Cheltenham (where I’m originally from) or London (copywriting often offering a ‘remote’ option). It’s not just UK copywriting projects that I get involved in though. Here’s a link to – Time and/or inclination willing, take a look. It’s a beaut.  Over the last year it’s stood out as one of my favourite pieces of copywriting.

London digital music intelligence company Music Ally, commissioned me to write the report for the Nordic Music Export offices with the aim of identifying common export goals and ways in which a united effort could best help achieve them. The report is currently being reviewed by the Nordic Council.

As well as interviewing 22 of the top movers and shakers from across the region (if you need to record Skpye interviews check out G-recorder – it’s fab), I was fortunate enough to attend a two day meeting in Helsinki.  Discussing the project in detail with the export office directors in person was an absolute pleasure. Fabulous, fabulous people, one and all.

Here’s the conclusion of the conclusion

What is a great band or death-defying song writing if it isn’t alchemy? Isn’t art all about an indefinable chemistry that reveals unpredictable and inspirational emergent properties? Isn’t business on the other hand ALL about maximising the consequences of inspiration to the best financial effect, to your best advan­tage? It’s about turning creative capital into financial capital to perpetuate the artistic process – establishing a virtuous circle powered by inspiration and desire.

NOMEX has great potential to deliver on both creative and commercial counts. Taking the power of that disparate inspiration scattered throughout the boardrooms, bed­rooms, rehearsal rooms, studios, laptops and imaginations of music creatives all across Scandinavia and turning it into a powerful intra-national, international voice. A consolidat­ed banner that irresistibly proclaims – we are here, we are now, we are great – listen to us, love the music we make.

The iron is hot. Strike it.

Anna, Paulina, Inger, Anders, Thomas, Gunnar and Gunnar…. the best of British Nordic with it.

More power to NOMEX.

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