Link baiting lessons from Lyndon

SEO is deadCopywriting for copywriting’s sake? Rarely. There’s usually some sort of motivation behind it. To inform perhaps, to entertain, to share, to kick up a stink and bait the audience into firing a few links in your direction perhaps.

What better way than by a ritual sacrifice? Last week SEO was dispatched in favour of SMO (social media optimisation) by Ben Elowitz whose SEO Is Dead, And The New King Is ‘SMO’ has gathered no less than 1848 Tweets and 809 Facebook shares at the time of writing.

“What is this Nimrod really after?” wrote Lyndon Antcliff on the Econsultancy article based on the Elowitz article and entitled SEO is dead – again, observing: “… if the intent of the article was to get a link from accuracy in the argument is sometimes not the intent of the writer/publisher/blogger.”

Well he did get a link from Econsultancy. And Lyndon, simply for saying it like it is and especially for using the word ‘Nimrod‘ gets one from me. Who’s going to give me a link I wonder?

Thanks for the photo Tathagata

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Link baiting lessons from Lyndon

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  1. I think for far too long ‘copywriting for copywriting’s sake’ has been the problem with the internet.

    Specifically, I am referring to the poor quality, generic ‘spun’ articles syndicated by black hat SEOs, in order to attain low quality backlinks.

    Hopfully as Google and its algorithm continues to become more advanced, this practice will die out.

    Copywriter Jobs November 5, 2010 at 8:08 am #

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