A warning to the curious

SEO Copywriter ManchesterWot no reference to copywriter king David Ogilvy? No Joseph Sugarman quote or Andy Maslen reference? Not even any Copywriter Manchester SEO keyword inspiration? No, not this week. This is a PPC tale – pre professional copywriting.


I used to be heavily involved in music promotion – anti-folk, alt country, experimental electronica, anything interesting and original. On the whole all a bit left field, a bit DIY, a bit Calmer* and proudly so. It was a great place to be and I got to hang out with and become good friends with some wonderfully original, innovative and hugely talented people. As well as good ears I had good judgement and despite being endlessly hassled by some artists for a show, if I didn’t like them or didn’t feel they were right I didn’t put them on.

Except for one notable occasion

I shan’t name names as the experience was doubtless as difficult for him as it was for me, but once and only once I disrespected my principles, my audience and my reputation by putting on someone I really, deep down, knew I shouldn’t. For some strange reason, maybe because I’d known him for a while, I’d felt embarrassed to keep saying ‘no’. I justified my ‘yes’ by convincing myself I was doing a good turn and anyway, he’d pull a good crowd.

The bleed

As it happened he didn’t pull a good crown at all. Unless a guest list of a dozen in a micro venue is considered good. What’s more his songs and his performance stank the place out. That’s not the worst of it. I was already feeling pretty upset, sulking and skulking around at the door when I heard my guest introduce a new song as follows:

“Sometimes when you’re feeling a bit down, a bit blue, when you feel the world’s got it in for you…what can you do to cheer yourself up? Here’s what I do….. I buy a new car!”

A part of me died. What had I done?

This is what I’d done. I’d put a smug, saturated muso who lived in a comfortable world of skiing holidays, 4x4s and old family money in front of an audience of dreamer experimentalists, students of raw emotion and commercial suicide; believers in belief. Black had met white. Oil had met water. George Osbourne had met Donnie Darko and I felt sick. I even feel sick writing this now. “I buy a new car!!”  Jesus.

Of course people were too polite to tell me to my face that I’d messed up. They normally are.

Is there a moral of this tale that can be translated into a copywriting context?


Know your audience. Know your content. Align as appropriate or diminish.

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