And after all, you’re my Google Wonderwheel

Advertising Copywriter ManchesterI’ve always had a talent with lyrics.

So in my last blog I referred to Google Insights as a good keyword research tool. Here’s another. The Google Wonder Wheel. It’s great for drilling down related keyword phrases and identifying a little bit of sexy long tail. Scroll down the Google search page and check out Wonderwheel on the left hand menu.

In a thinly veiled attempt to boost my search ranking on the term advertising copywriter I did a search on the expression advertising copywriter.

What did the wonderful Wonderwheel reveal?

That all these keyword phrases

  • become an advertising copywriter
  • advertising copywriter vacancies
  • advertising copywriter creative director
  • advertising agency copywriter
  • advertising copywriter salaries
  • advertising copywriter job
  • junior copywriter salary
  • freelance copywriter

are spokes on the advertising copywriter wheel. Clicking on each of them offers more related terms.

For example clicking on advertising copywriter vacancies returns:

  • advertising copywriter positions
  • advertising copywriter employment
  • advertising copywriter careers
  • copywriting recruitment agencies
  • advertising copy writer
  • advertising copywriter jobs
  • d&as vacancies
  • advertising art director vacancies

Keep clicking through until you’ve either exhausted any form of obvious and not so obvious relevance. There’s a kind of exciting nth degree of separation feel to it all. I mean … who knows where you’re going to end up! It could be literally…..anywhere!

Check out the first half of this partially cheesy but wholly enthusiastic Youtube video that talks through the Google Wonder Wheel

What do you use for keyword research?

Are you a Google Wonderwheel fan?

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