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Top chap as well as top SEO Copywriter Tom Mason recently wrote a great blog on his SEO Manchester site talking about how best an SEO Copywriter can integrate keywords or keyword terms in their copy without making it too clunky or having to shoe Web Copywriter Manchester horn Manchester web copywriter keywords into the text (joke!). (While I’m on the subject of creative SEO Copywriters in Manchester props too to Andrew Nattan and his great SEO Copywriting site Unmemorable Title – check it out).

In itself a smart piece of SEO Copywriting there are plenty of juicy keywords in Tom’s article that relate specifically to his SEO Copywriting abilities. He’s showing as well as telling and offers a number of top SEO Copywriting tips to keep your copy flowing.

Here are some of the techniques at the disposal of an SEO Copywriter

  • H1 tags – Confessions of an SEO Copywriter
  • Analytical examples (with or without inverted commas) – It may not have escaped your attention that this blog contains quite a number of references to SEO Copywriting.
  • Names – Welcome to UK Copywriting ….
  • Divide and rule – For example – ‘Looking for top quality SEO Copywriting? Manchester has huge number of ….’ or ‘Want to know what makes for successful SEO? Copywriting and content experts will all tell you that…’

Google doesn’t see punctuation so don’t let full stops or question marks get in the way. Someone did tell me that including hyphens is detrimental to SEO. If anyone can shed any light on this do please share.

Are keywords really that important for SEO?

Copyblogger suggest that as much as 85% of ranking is determined off the page. The trust and authority of your domain, the link popularity of the specific page, and the anchor text of incoming links to the page are huge factors for SE they say.

Why bother about keywords at all?

Top uk copywriter Derryck Strachan who runs Copywriting Devon goes as far as issuing this advice to copywriters, ‘Forget about the keywords’.

In his ‘Three ways to be a laser sighted SEO Copywriter’ blog he says. ‘I think this is probably the biggest tip I can give any new SEO copywriters out there. Too many copywriters get wrapped up in trying to write copy around keywords and end up writing stilted, unnatural content. I find that if the content is really relevant to your target keywords you hardly have to think about whether you’ve met your desired frequency or not – it usually just happens. Of course keywords are essential but they need to be put in their rightful place – good relevant content first, keywords second.’

The point that Derryck’s making is that good is good. Balance is good too. Well written copywriting is strong SEO copywriting. Finding and working your roller skates – that sweet spot, the overlap where your target audience intersects with your keyword phrases in useful, informative and rewarding content is the key.

Use a skilled SEO copywriter to get there quickly and easily.

Maybe we should get together.

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