The logic of language, the funniest thing in the world – ever

copywriter cheeseA copywriting post? By a copywriter about copywriting, for copywriters?

Hmmmmm. Tenuous.

Sometimes though………… you just have to laugh.

A few Christmases back I was round @jason and @phil_daniels place doing the Trivial Pursuit too much booze thing. Cheese and whine. Little Luke and his girlfriend Anna were there too, fairy lit and out if it.

Lots of laughs, happy times.

So we’d been playing for a while, wise-cracking, head in handing. Competitive insouciance. It was Little Luke and Anna’s go…..

Roll of the dice. Green – Science and Nature. Question time………….

‘OK, chaps. Listen in…… Are you ready?


Here we go.

‘What is…….. 500 times sweeter than cane sugar?’

Whispering, giggling…….sniggering, tutting, lip biting (not each others), slow intakes of tight breathe between clenched teeth. ‘Can we have a pencil and paper?’

Scribbling, scartching. Tick tock tick tock

‘Come on you two (they were taking forever) – get on with it.’

A long eventually later, the answer arrived……….

It nearly killed us.  Deep down I’m still laughing.

What was it? What was the sum of their inspiration? Their genius answer?

Cliffhanger alert…….. I’ll post it next week.

In the meantime, what do you think? NO CHEATING!

‘Sweeter than cane sugar. What’s 500 times sweeter…. than cane sugar?’

In pre festive season fit of generosity there’s photo copy of a Low set list for anybody who even comes close to Luke and Anna’s answer.

Thanks to Leo Reynolds for the image via Flickr

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The logic of language, the funniest thing in the world – ever

3 Responses

  1. Brazzein is what you are looking for, and I shall DM you another great TP brain twister.

    Chris Carrier December 2, 2009 at 7:26 am #
  2. Hi Chris, well you’re in the hat certainly 🙂

    @grapedigital (i think….most of my @ messages mysteriously disappeared) suggested ‘revenge’ which was good too.

    You could both do with thinking a little more laterally.

    Literally laterally…… ‘whoa! we’re going to Barbados!’

    Anymore for anymore?

    admin December 2, 2009 at 7:48 am #

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