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Manchester Internet MarketingThere’s an American SEO copywriting company called andesandassociates run by Katherine Andes. She’s a web copywriter and specialises in web content development, she does SEO and web writing for advertising agencies, online PR companies, SEO companies and internet marketing agencies. Somehow I’ve somehow found myself on her mailing list, possibly through the equally informative and talented Matthew Stibbe. Good thing too. Every week I get a clear, concise, well written and informative email from Katherine with great advice on SEO copywriting and web writing. A perfect resource for any copywriter.

This week’s tip ‘Web Tech Developers are Clueless about Online SEO Marketing’ talks about how important keyword research is for successful SEO. Check it out. The article got me thinking and it got me doing a little research on my own new website UK

Being new to Manchester I thought I’d run the Google Keyword Tool to see the numbers of searches being run on Manchester copywriting and SEO Manchester. SEO Manchester wins hands down with easily more than 10 times the searches than Manchester copywriting. Looks like I should focus my keywords more on SEO than copywriting. In both cases I was surprised at how relatively few searches there were for either terms – 720 and 9900 locally in the last month respectively. What was particularly interesting were the additional keywords that Google recommended, internet marketing, search engine optimisation, online marketing, search engine optimization and search marketing racking up many times more searches than poor old SEO Manchester and Manchester copywriting. For example Internet Marketing drew a massive 165,000 searches.

It was clear that even though I’m a copywriter, people looking for a copywriter online relatively rarely use the term copywriter or copywriting at all. They don’t want a copywriter (or don’t know they want a copywriter), much more interested in internet marketing, online marketing, content marking or search marketing (of course copywriting is a key part of successful marketing). Manchester marketing, advertising and SEO companies are much more likely to use looser terms even ditching Manchester as a component of the search. Terms such as such as internet marketing, web marketing or search marketing proving most popular.

Conclusion 1 – Katherine Andes is more than right. It’s not simply WebTech Developers who need to take a step back, stop assuming and analyse their semantic space. We all do.

Manchester Copywriting ain’t that hot. In fact a quick bit of keyword search also showed that the term copywriter is searched for appreciably more than copywriting, something I’d also got wrong. Doh!

Conclusion 2 – That you should sign up to her copywriting and SEO copywriting newsletter.

Conclusion 3 – That you should sign up to mine too – see the email subscription option stage left.

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