The most important post you’ll ever read

‘The most important post you’ll ever read’

What a headline! What a title! Who wouldn’t want to check it out?

Are you a blogger or website owner looking for clues, trying to unlock ways to develop a following?

You need headlines like…..

‘Advertising Is The Price You Pay For Not Being Creative’ – Fantastic.


Being the curious type I couldn’t help but check both articles out when I happened across them on Twitter.

Job done headlinewise.

What are your favourite headlines? What lines have inspired you to read on or to click through?

That each of the articles here and here left me pretty cold was to an extent irrelevant – we’re talking headlines here and these headlines had nailed it – they’d actioned a passive browser into taking an action – into clicking through reading on. I invested my interest.

Persuasive headlines are a pre requisite to marketing success. Copyblogger is forever banging on about the importance of headlines – rightly so. If your reader doesn’t get any further than the title, you’re dead.

Check out:

Writing Headlines That Get Results by Brian Clark

One Big Way to Avoid a Headline Fail by Brian Clark

5 Sure-Fire Sources for Headline Inspiration by Dave Navarro

9 Proven Headline Formulas That Sell Like Crazy by Dean Rieck

There are loads of examples and endless inspiration at Copyblogger – be sure to subscribe.

Lawrence Bernstein at Info Marketing Blog even collects them.

Here’s an example –

“The Sex Food So Potent Priests Were Forbidden To Eat It” – Brilliant

He does one of those PDF in exchange for an email address deals here. Worth checking out. Always good for a bit of inspiration or research.

Lawrence is big on the copywriting heavy weights. Eugene Schwarz, David Ogilvy, Gary Halbert as are many of the prime movers in blogging, web and offline copywriting such as Andy Maslen. Now many of you new social media and tech heads might be thinking these guys are a bit salesy, a bit old school and bit long form sales letter. You’d be wrong.

Ask yourself how the most popular stories on Digg and Reddit gain momentum? It’s all down to the headline and classic headline writing techniques. Ask yourself how come you’re reading ‘The most important post you’ll ever read’ now? If great headlines work for you then surely they can work for your customers too.

Good copywriting is about making things happen. It’s about results. Compelling headlines are just the beginning, your starting point. Weak headlines…..the end.

So what are your favourite headlines? What’s done it for you? And what advice would you give to a copywriter in need of headline inspiration?

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